How to write a post dated cheque uk yahoo

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Banking Laws Regarding Undated Personal Checks

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Post dated cheque query?

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Do cheques have an expiry date?

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How do you write a post dated cheque/check?

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Discussion forum for Competitive Obedience. You can either raise a new topic by clicking the 'Post a new thread' link, or reply to the topic by clicking 'Add comments to above thread'. Apr 14,  · Best Answer: A post-dated cheque is merely a normal cheque, but with a date sometime in the future.

The cheque can not be deposited until the date on the cheque and money is not withdrawn from your bank account until a day or so after it has been deposited -- depending upon how long it takes the banks to process the cheque (weekends and holidays delay it even more).Status: Resolved.

How to write a post dated cheque uk yahoo
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