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That is, the cash book serves as the general ledger. Triple column cash book: Dishonour of bill discounted with the bank: Direct Collections by Bank: The entries for the dishonour of these cheques have been entered in the books in B account.

What Is Difference Between Cash Book And Passbook?

Cash book with cash column only. Ltd, received its bank statement showing favourable balance of Rs. Raj Mohan maintains two accounts, known as account no.

Reasons for Difference in Pass Book and Cash Book

Cheques amounting to Rs. An examination of the cash book and bank statement disclosed the following: A deposit of Rs.

The bank often makes charges for services it renders; these are known as bank charges. The record is helpful in the preparation of the ledger. When cheque are issued then immediately make entry in the cash book.

Difference Between Cash Book and Pass Book:

Debit side for receipts and credit for disbursements. This was not recorded in the Cash Book. When the received cheque are deposited into bank, these are immediately recorded in the cash book.

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Sometimes, customer get their bills discounted with the bank. Interst allowed by the bank: These delays do not ordinarily matter, as sooner or later, both the bank and the client will make entries. Key Differences Between Cash book and Passbook The paramount differences between cash book and pass book are explained in the given below points: The bank has credited an interest of Rs.

However, to know the position clearly and to be sure that no mistakes have been committed, there must be a statement to explain why there is a difference between the balance shown by the Pass Book and that shown by the Cash Book on a particular date.

Cheques Issued but not Yet Presented for Payment: The bank pass book indicates the amount paid into the bank and the amount withdrawn there form. There is a very thin line of difference between Cash book and Cash account, which most of the people don't even know.

First difference is Cash book is a subsidiary book while cash account is a ledger account. Business; Key Differences Between Cash Book and Cash Account. Reasons for difference in Pass Book and Cash Book Balances.

This will increase the balance in the pass book and a difference in the two balances will exits unless a corresponding entry is recorded in the cash book by the firm.

6. Direct payment through bank. BRS is not prepared on every instance of a difference between cash book balance and bank pass book balance. It is generally prepared as an annexure to the accounting period end financial statements to explain the difference between the balance as shown in the books and the balance shown by the supporting document i.e.

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Aug 1 st Cash Book - 18, Pass Book - 18, The transaction has been recorded on the same date in both the books. Therefore, there is no difference in the Bank balance as revealed by both the books.

Difference Between Cash Book and Pass Book:

Difference between Cash Book and Pass Book A cash book is an exceptional journal which is used to record all cash receipts and cash payments. Cash book is.

Difference between cash book pass
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